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Relocation Tier (aka Sector Jump Timer)

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What is going on with the Relocation Tiers / sector jump timers?
On Wrath21 for example, my account remains on the 3rd tier (7 days), even after not relocating for 44 days. Should be on the 1st Tier (1 day) by now.

Per EA instructions:
"If you don't relocate for 14 days you will be set back one tier."

Something is broken.


  • gamerdruid
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    Did you do a lot of relocating in the days before the 44 you're quoting?
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  • KeJorn
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    Occasionally, but not one after another - 7 days, then jump again... more like 7 days... then maybe 14 days... then 10 days, etc. 44 days is well past the 14 day mark to drop to the next tier and that is ALL that EA states on their Player Relocation page: ehakbw2qfkep.png.

    If you are suggesting that it tacks on 14 days, each jump and that amount can accumulate, that not only sounds like unfair garbage, but suggests a major need for greater visibility of where things stand (a relocation timer / countdown visible to the player that includes the additional time tacked on). This guesswork of how things are supposed to work, 8 years after this game was first brought online, seems a bit ridiculous.
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