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Compensation March 04th

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edited March 2020
Hello Community,

due to the service interruption last weekend, between 28. 02 and 01.03, we have decided to award a minor recompensation for the time you missed out on the game service.
Every player that was online between 28. 02 and today 04. 03. is being given the following items on all worlds:

1x +18h Offense Repair Time Capacity 7 days
1x +200 CP capacity 7 days

We hope this helps everyone to catch up on what you mised out on and appologize again for the troubles.
The gifts have been added to the eligible players as of now. If the capacity boosts are not yet visible to you, we recommend to log out of the game manually and log back in to update your inventory.

See you on the battlefield, commander!
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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