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Loot from attacks

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I saw that I got less loot from attacks.
The last attack was the loot 78.03 G Crystals; The costs were 16.86 G Crystals.
I only got 43 G Crystals.
Where does the rest go to?
I play on Tiberium 9
regards, Kees


  • gamerdruid
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    There can be a number of reasons for less loot, one immediately comes to mind is that another player had already attacked the base/camp/outpost. If using the built-in simulator you are warned about this, but I'm not sure if other ones do.
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  • I experience the same thing in Tib 42 and it seem that we get punished if someone try to kill a camp/op/base and cannot finish it or just wanted the missing rp to get next research or next base.

    And for the excuse of the simulator, I use Tiberium Alliances Battle Simulator - V2 20.05.26

    When I started to hit the camp, the cy was at about 45% left points and the def was around 30% left. Most of the base was intact in the back. There was for exactly 584M in credit from structure at 100% points or health. So I should got the whole 584M in credit. Even if punished which would be stupid as players will just let the camps and op burn for ever. And if so, EA want to punish the player that finish the kill of the base, the punishment should be to give the percentage of the cy left, like in my case 45%. But I got roughly 20% as it turn around 135M. Same for the rest of ress like crystal and tiberium was around 1G each and got peanuts.

    The simulator I use is very accurate in every situation, but except if I finish camps and op that players from other alliances around let burn to save cp n rt.
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