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Offence only spawning one camp. Weird

That's it really. Have 66.4 Off. Logged on this morning and only one level 65 camp in range.
Most odd. Haven't moved. I can see absolutely no reason for it.
please fix. I need my camps lol


  • Forgot to mention. It's Firestorm 11 ( again) lol
  • chertosha
    124 posts Member
    edited March 6
    if both camps spawned by the same base are killed simultaneously (within 1 second of each other or so), then only one camp respawns
    while you, or somebody else keeps killing that one camp, only one will keep respawning
    to get back two camps you need to wait for this camp to expire and then respawn itself,
    which takes 4 hours
    usually in areas where lots of people farm that's close to impossible to enforce
  • Ah thanks. Guess that's what happened. They like locusts lol
  • jbl3ck
    71 posts Member
    edited March 7
    moving a player base over the camp (force expire) doesn't do it?
  • nope it does not
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