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Thoughts on Veteran 7

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I really enjoyed the changes to Veteran Server 7. My favorite was the changes to POI.

Compared to Veteran Server 6 - on 7 serious PVP started at least 30 days before 6. This provided a lot of fun and strategy.

The only problem with PVP is that you can never gain Research Points. Back in the day when you did gain Research Points players abused this to farm easy Research Points. The solution was to remove all Research Points from attacks on other players. This has been brought up many times.

On Veteran Servers in particular the need for Research Points is very high due to the short nature of the challenge. I plead with you @EE_Elephterion and @enigm in the next Veteran server please change this.

To keep players from abusing this do something like you already do with Veteran Points gained by destroying other players. The amount of Research Points gained from an attack would greatly diminish after the first attack - and after the players base has been destroyed many times. This would make warfare more meaningful.

One thing I noticed is that at the conclusion of Veteran 7 there was no forum announcement regarding the winners. This has typically been done in the past.

Thank you for creating these servers - they are the best in my opinion.


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