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high level player attacking low level players?

seems odd but a high level player keeps killing my low level base? Is this normal? Is it a case of a player who has bought bombers and just likes wiping out low level players? Not sure why that is possible


  • gamerdruid
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    It's possible because it's a war game. Yes, there are some players who take a dislike to low bases in their area (it affects the camps/outposts that spawn) so keep on killing them.

    If he's following you around, then just as in real life there are bullies, there are bullies in the game who enjoy teasing and killing lower bases.

    Join a strong alliance or one of it's wings and stick in their area and you're less likely to be killed.
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  • uvilldie
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    More often than not, your base is blocking the tunnels, which affects the larger bases farming potential. Your base Offense levels should be within 6 levels of the tunnel level, if not, then you need to keep at least 7 or more spaces away from the tunnel or tunnels that you are blocking.
    In general, if you are not an ally, maintain a minimum of 20 spaces from larger bases. That is a typical safe distance to maintain.
  • It's a social game, not a war game. It's an old meme and it needs to die off already.
    You can either understand how to play and reason with others or you can get destroyed.
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