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20.1 maintenance & patch notes Mar 18

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Hello Commanders!

We are ready to roll out the first patch of the year! We are looking forward to your feedback to the new features.

We will take down the next set of designate worlds one after another for patching around 08:00 UTC and return them back online after around 30 – 60 minutes, if there are no unforeseen interferences.
Below you can see which worlds have been selected for this day to be patched.

See you on the battlefield, commander!

Changes & Bugfixes
  • New statistics have been added to the Alliance Roster, including military strength
  • This comes with new rights management options to grant or deny access to these information
  • Defense Point cost for defense artillery vehicles have been reduced by 5
  • Paste Coords will now insert the cords into Drafts for new Messages when pressed while the window is open
  • Moving resource buildings around should now always display the adjacency indicators correctly
  • Diplomacy requests should now time out correctly
  • Advanced controls for the combat preparation layout can now be toggled in the options
  • An error has been fixed that caused the wrong time format to be used on browsers with Eng-US language settings
  • Time and date calculations have been made more robust across time zones and midnight
  • Your Relocation Tier is now displayed in the relocation dialogue
  • We readjusted the starting resources for new bases, to increase up to the 12th newly founded base

Rollout 18. 03. 2020
World 3
World 6 (Europe)
World 10 (Europe)
World 15 (Europe)
World 18 (Europe)
World 19 (USA West Coast)
World 1 Spanish
World 1 Turkish
World 2 Turkish
World 27 (Europe)
World 31 (USA West Coast)
Welt 9
World 3 Brazilian
World 4 Spanish
World 1 Slovak
World 6 Russian
World 7 Russian
World 51 (USA West Coast)
World 57 (Europe)
World 59 (USA West Coast)
World 10 Russian
World 11 Russian
World 63 (Europe)
World 64 (USA East Coast)
World 67 (USA East Coast)
World 10 French
World 12 Spanish
World 73 (USA West Coast)
World 74 (USA East Coast)
World 11 French
World 77 (USA East Coast)
World 78 (Europe)
World 81 (Europe)
World 2 Hungarian
World 82 (Europe)
World 15 Spanish
Welt 34
World 18 Russian
World Championship
World 16 Spanish
World 90 (USA West Coast)
World 91 (Europe)
World 4 Italian
World 92 (USA West Coast)
World 17 Spanish
World 2 Romanian
World 2 Slovak
World 97 (Europe)
Welt 36
World 18 Spanish
World 99 (USA East Coast)
World 100
Welt 37
World 13 Brazilian
World 7 Turkish
World 2 Norwegian
World 108 Classic (USA West Coast)
World 110 Wrath 1 (Americas)
World 111 Firestorm 1 (Asia Pacific)
Firestorm 3 (Asia Pacific)
Tiberian 7 (Europe)
Wrath 4 (Americas)
Tiberian 8 (Europe)
Firestorm 5 (Asia Pacific)
Wrath 14 (Americas)
Wrath 16
Tiberian 26
Tiberian 27
Veteran World 4
Wrath 20
Tiberian 31
Firestorm 9
Veteran World 6
Firestorm 11
Tiberian 42

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