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Suggestion - Teams Roster

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edited March 2020
Many alliances have teams. The team members are decided by the CiC in most cases.

A "Teams" Roster as a new tab near "Alliance - Roster" (or a redesign of the current "Roster") which indicates the online status of a smaller group of members (group created/edited by the CiC or officer with permission) is my suggestion.
The number of teams could be up to 5.

This feature would be most needed when the fortress attack begins. The team leader usually has subs for all team members, just in case someone isn't online. Would be easier for one to check and don't do some mistake when mistakes are not allowed.


Also... as the CiC gives the order to inject the virus, he should also be able to lock / unlock the "Virus Attack" button when needed. People are pushing the wrong button sometimes...
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