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Care packages against corona virus boredom

I think it s time for Care Packages against corona virus boredom !

I would appreciate more packages of command points and offensive repair time. :)

Keep your distance!
Stay @ home if you can!
And above all, stay healthy!



  • lasalvador
    2 posts New member
    Good idea, but i think a better suggestion would be a new Wrath or tib world [without morale ****] to ease the boredom, time to cash in on our Boredom EA :wink:
  • ngmono
    7 posts New member
    Selfishness or am I wrong? While hundreds of thousands of people are fighting for their lives, someone is bored. My suggestion would be that EA collect donations from the players and help children of sick mothers with care. You would definitely enjoy some distraction in the form of toys or sweets. Not much effort, but the children would experience helpfulness and attention.
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