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Tib 30 Still Offline. After It Came Online Atfer The Update.

@EE_Elephterion Tib 30 came online after the update. I was playing in Tib 30. Lost connection to Tib 30. Ever since it has been offline. I got the error message when the connection was lost "Unauthorized Access"


  • batman2402lmbf
    27 posts Member
    edited March 2020
    Also Tib 10 and Tib 31 off-line. Indeed same as Tib 30 , online after patch and then service unavailable.
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  • darkfloux
    4 posts New member
    Hi ! After login and want to change server to access to Tib 43, i have this message : "signin.ea.com redirected you too many times"...Do we have to wait or there is a bug? Ty in advance for your help
  • darkfloux
    4 posts New member
    ok found solution : connect to any server and ingame go to options link (right low side screen) and my games. Cheers!
  • gamerdruid
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    They are rebooting the servers that were patched today that are having issues.
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