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during this troubling times and self isolation for many, just a suggestion to EA about having some reduced pricing in funds?going forward


  • gamerdruid
    3418 posts Moderator
    It would be nice, but of course there are still people who cannot purchase funds due to 'too many redirects' and they would rightly complain.
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  • I agree under the present circumstances a reduction would be welcomed
  • Easter reduction? Or not?

    Only on Chinese hollydays? For Helloween too but not for Easter?
  • KeJorn
    14 posts Member
    Yes, discount the prices.
    EA opened up a second Wrath world (25 and 26) a month apart (when it has been about 2 years since Wrath 21 came out - thus 22, 23, and 24 were 6-8 months apart)... just to squeeze more money out of us during the pandemic? Now that's classy.

    Hell, not just because of present world circumstances, but because this is an eight year old browser-based game that is becoming more and more problematic (lag, disconnects, overall slow behavior). This game is not aging well. Sure you have a fairly loyal base, but even during this pandemic, you ought to realize the numbers of players are thinning out and most that remain are using multiple alternate accounts.

    Hell, on W26, a few days prior, we watched 30+ alt accounts get created, nearly all identical NOD accts, just to run around the North sectors, not even leveling up... just staying lvl 7 for days now. Of the 1500 or so accounts on that server, many if not most are likely alt accounts - leaving somewhere between 250-750 actual unique players.

    It's time to bring prices down.
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