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What are the rules for moving-relocating a destroyed base?

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When I had one of my bases destroyed I moved it and moving was in the range of a regular one - max to 20 fields away from its original location. However a base which our alliance destroyed recently appeared after about 8 hours at a distance of around 40 fields away from its original location. How is this done? I didn't find a script or something.. I know there is another option after the destruction - to wait XX hours and not actually "move" the base, but don't know if this is the answer.
Also if indeed you can set your destroyed base anywhere after waiting the period of time for restoring the base - are there limitations about sectors you can set it?

By the way, the world is Tiberian 41, but my guess is that there rules wouldn't change in different worlds..


  • PowerPremium
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    And just to add - the base I gave above as an example appeared with a protection shield, and now it is still not 100% functional.
  • gamerdruid
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    When a base is destroyed you need to repair buildings - some players immediately respawn the base and sell the important ones and rebuild (eg command centre and repair buildings) but this is usually done only in an intense war. Others leave the base destroyed until enough time has elapsed for the repair time to have happened (depends on the size of the base and construction yard). A destroyed base can either be moved up to 40 units from the original spot or all bases relocated to a different sector (depending on if a relocation has taken place recently this may not be possible.) You can't relocate an individual base to a new sector.
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  • foofnag
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    Are you quoting that from someplace or are you describing what you know? I looked in Rules where one would expect to find things like this and read:

    Below you will find a complete list of gameplay rules specific to Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

    But the only rules I saw seemed related to player behavior, not of a technical nature. Suppose I wanted to know whether the length of the recovery period is in direct proportion to the base size or if depends on the level of certain buildings. Where can I look to find the real complete list of gameplay rules? With that, I'd like to see the history of ones that have changed over time.
  • gamerdruid
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    I'm quoting from my observation. There is no comprehensive lists of gameplay rules or how they have changes over the years that I am aware of. There is wiki but it appears not to be updated or maintained now so it is out-of-date. Here is a link to it: https://candcalliances.fandom.com/wiki/Command_and_Conquer_Alliances_Wiki
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  • the rules mentioned by Gamer are those that have always been, if the 40 fields fall within the territory of your alliance or area free from the last you can move, the only difference, from recent updates, it is no longer useful to sell the command center, if you cannot rebuilding the command center at the same level above the offensive units with a higher level than the rebuilding of the center would be inactive, same for defense center
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