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cant attack but can be attacked needs fixing

why is it that you cant attack after your base gets destroyed even though u heal things but an hour later u can be attacked again if your going to put that type of feature in you need to make it so the base cant be attacked during that time


  • There is only one way that developers can ensure a winner in each server and that is 1 alliance becoming larger than the others. If 2 alliances reach center at the same time at a similar level then usually whichever alliance suffers the least amount of base losses in war will eventually grow larger. If there was no penalty for being destroyed then the 2 alliances would stay the same size for a longer time which would frustrate non PVP players who also happen to have a majority of forum posters . The focus is put into servers finishing with a winner quickly and not so much into player interaction, fairness or participation longevity. In the first closed beta there were no such penalties and restrictions but there was also no end game or way to win.
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