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Allowing other alliances to finish!

To the makers of EA games - I am on Veteran World Tiberium 41 and like many others have spent a lot of cash and time in playing this games, I have played in many worlds and for a long time.
Here is the rub - currently on T 41 there has been 3 alliances finish the world and I applaud them. Unfortunately once they have finished many of the players are bent on denying others finishing the game by blocking and staying around and basically being greedy and difficult - even harrassing other alliances.
Whilst you may be happy with this situation, many are not and here is the real issue - many will not play this game again which will be lost revenue for the game providers.
I have a suggestion which may make the game fairer.
How about setting a rule and implementing it, which says once a player has achieved taking the fortress and getting a badge, that player HAS to leave the game and is barred from helping any others.
This way others who have worked hard at progressing can do so without being held back and this make the game more attractive for the remaining alliances who can then fight it out properly with the prospect of getting their own badge rightly earned.
If this situation continues, I shall stop playing this game (which I enjoy and spend a lot on money on) and also stop playing any game and save my money.
This is an appeal to balance the books here guys - please sort this.


  • Soixie
    525 posts Member
    Join them or feel free to create your own alliance strong enough to beat them and fortress.

    This is the game.
  • Why should players who have more skill and/or spend more money than you be penalized? Either get on the winning side, or change to another world.

    As it is, EA already favors the losing side with their stupid auto-repair defenses and ability to move 40 spaces towards the center for the dead base.
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