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Mechanics of Spawning Camps and Outposts

Spawning Mechanics of Camps

• Camps are spawned by any base that has an army in it regardless of whether a base has a CC or not.

• The level of camps is the maximum of either the defense or offense level rounded down. E.G. – Level 29.9 defense will be considered level 29 defense and thus spawn level 28 through Level 32 camps.

• Camps levels that are spawned are between -1 and + 3 of the highest level between offense or defense. E.G. – Player base has level 20 offense level and level 25 defense level. Forgotten camps that are spawned will be between level 24 and level 28.

• At Level 50 and higher, camps are spawned at -1 to 0 of the highest of defense or offense level.

• Every base with an offense will spawn two camps after the first farming quests are done at the start of the server (typically 10 total shots on the Forgotten).

• Currently, the level of camps spawned is purely random between the ranges. Unlike outposts, the player's base level does not impact the probability of higher level camps spawning.

Spawning Mechanics of Outposts

• Tunnels are activated by any offense that is -6 levels or above of the tunnel level and within 4.5 spaces of tunnel. Example: Level 20 tunnel is activated by any offense with level 14 or higher.

• A tunnel is fully activated by 5 bases with the right offense level (25% probability outpost spawn every hour with 100% probability spawn every hour with 5 bases). A tunnel needs to be fully activated to guarantee spawning an outpost every hour.

• A tunnel will spawn an outpost up to 6.5 spaces away from the tunnel that is activated.

• The maximum number of visible outposts visible for a tunnel is 10. That means a fully activated tunnel will have a total of 10 outposts visibly spawned, with the remaining outposts that have been "spawned" waiting in "queue". That's assuming a tunnel has been activated for more than 10 hours.

• Currently, guidance has been unclear of whether a follow-up outpost counts towards the 1-hour outpost spawning mechanism. As it stands, the understanding is that a fully activated tunnel has a limit of spawning 24 outposts in a day.

• Camps do not impact the ability to spawn outposts.

• Low offense levels do not impact the spawning of outposts once there are 5 outposts that have activated the tunnels.

• Tunnels will spawn outposts -2 to +2 of the tunnel level.

• The average level of outpost spawned or respawned by a follow-up is a function of the average level of player bases within 4.5 spaces of the tunnel. What this means is that as the average player base level increases around a tunnel, the probability increases for higher level outposts.

Current as of 20.1 Update
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