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venom does not target reaper artillery vehicles

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edited April 2020
Is there a reason why the Venom do not target Reapers?

I have recently noticed that when attacking bases early on as NOD, you have limited options when attacking a Forgotten base that is equipped with one or more reaper artillery vehicles. Sadly, the venom, which normally target everything in its path, does NOT target the reapers. Not a single scratch.

Why is that?
Is it intentional?
It is a vehicle after all and Venoms do target vehicles (well everything except air units - which of course there are no air units for defensive units).

Just thought it was odd not to even slightly damage the reaper(s).



  • jbl3ck
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    edited April 2020
    It does target vehicles too, but only if no infantry unit is in range.

    It's an anti infantry unit though... As u can see in "Arsenal".
    Even if there's no infantry in range, the damage it'll do to vehicles is minimum (4 times less effective then vs. infantry)... And vehicles usually are thicker (more resistant).

    My advice: research the cobra (anti vehicle) and then the upgrade (cobra shield) as fast as u can... never mind the next base or whatever other research unit u have in mind.

    Once u have the cobra upgrade, replace all your venoms with cobras. There's no such thing as too many cobras (or Salas later on) :)

    (U can keep some venom, but protect it with cobras... watch out for the rt)
  • KeJorn
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    edited April 2020
    There were no infantry in sight when it passed over TWO reapers... nothing but the reapers and not a scratch... have watched this several times with other examples... other vehicles get hit and damaged, yet the reaper, not even a scratch. It would be one thing it it had some damage then repaired before next run. But this is not the case. NO DAMAGE as it passes over and the only target in sight.

    Just seems like the metrics are off between these 2 units.

    Of course I will get the cobra next, but just noticed this recently and was like ****.

    Anyways... Always something with EA games.
  • what happens when u put in a stealthed militant, lol everything shoots it, the part where they broke the game mid pvp as they was sick of being killed, lol
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