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Level 65 Outposts

1 posts New member
Level 65 outposts would be very useful for getting resources and possible a more interesting challenge for those with level 65+ attacks.

Even if we could have random bases spawn at higher than level 65 to give a challenge?

Does anyone else think this would be good/useful?


  • Soixie
    526 posts Member
    Not useful in any capacity. The ROI on Outposts vs. Camps is lower and Camps already go to 65+
  • Kinesin45
    1 posts New member
    Would you not find camps at say level 75 more of a challenge (and more resources)?
  • Soixie
    526 posts Member
    I'm not following your level 75 comment for camps. Higher level camps are by definition, more useful. We've been requesting a level increase patch to all servers for a multitude of reasons, developers have refused.
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