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Shields - AKA The bubble

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I have a problem , this really is only the 2nd time this has become a major issue , but some alliances, W25 for right now, has an alliance that keeps bringing in new members, AKA alts with shields to guard POI`s and hold area they have conquered .
At this point in time in a server does anyone join a world to play to the end, no one does and I mean no one. Do they put money into those alts , no, so EA loses nothing, not even me if they take my suggestion.
Shields , yes 1st week , very important for the 7 days and I think should stay the same. After the 1st POI is conquered though by any alliance the bubble time , for new starts should be dialed back. After week 3, 2 days with shields is more than enough. As we are not supposed to play with alt, I know , everyone has 1, 10, so be it, but shields for 7 days after the server is 2 weeks or more older is only used for one thing, CHEATING.

Please put an end to it ASAP.


fyi I have no intentions of having 1+ alts to even think about getting even with them, I`ll quit 1st.


  • TBI0999
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    EA does not care. There are so many people exploiting the system to gain an advantage, and the losers in PvP are rewarded for dying anyway.

    It is a stupid game that I wish I had never started.
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