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Installed C&C Generals Zero hour with Origin and says I do not have internet connection

I remember years ago there was something else I had to download in order to play multiplayer. I downloaded the ultimate on origin, how do I get it to work. I have windows 10, turned off all norton and it still says no internet connection after checking for updates screen. How do I play online?


  • i tried my best in the last 3 days to play C&C zero hour online , but yet to find the answer.
    you can go to cncnet website and there you will be able to find patches and servers. i did it to red alert 2 yuri revenge and it worked . if you have any updates pls share
  • How do I even get the game to start on windows 10? I just bought and downloaded the ultimate collection the other day so I could play generals + zero hour, but the game doesn't even start.
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