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Top 10 mods for Command & Conquer games?

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what do you think?



  • I have played the “Destructive Forces” mod for Generals: Zero Hour —the new units + voices are awesome, but the AI would only attack the player closest to it —which was pathetic (I would just play a Skirmish with the Chinese AI next to my AI opponent [GLA] & have them duke it out while I boom 😆) —I'd still play “DF” if my Hard Disk wasn't wiped out. Anyway, from what I glean, “Mental Omega” is a pretty extensive mod for Yuri's Revenge … ! I'm not really a big fan of mods especially since I tried “Blitzkrieg” & “Deezire” mods for Yuri's Revenge & they sucked —everything in-game was blue & a short selection of units. Also, trainers usually don't work on mods so that's the clincher … !
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    for me, of course, this is a mod for the game generals-project raptor, I know that it is not very popular, but I have a lot of memories with him, many cool units and not a bad balance would gladly play, but now I play here (elsewhere)

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