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the opressor-regime named geforce, sponcered by envision, is just erasing another alliance.


  • this is your alli, that explains everything.

  • Modula5
    1 posts New member
  • Isn't it going to be a war like all the worlds in this game?
    "sponsored by Envision" Obviously you have photos, documents, evidence to show that, right?
    Or is it once again unfounded assumptions?
    I want to take this opportunity to emphasize that this forum is to help with the game and that people learn and improve as much as possible.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • matchmatch
    5 posts New member
    Hui sowas böses machen die,und das in einen Kriegsspiel,sowas macht man ja überhaupt nicht.
    Er hat ganz bestimmt Beweise dafür das das diese Ally mit unfairen Mitteln gesponsert wird.
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    As we have seen in the previous thread closed by the developer, there has been no evidence offered and explanations have been given about differences between alliances.

    This thread will therefore be closed and until evidence is produced so will other threads started with or making unfounded claims about groups (eg moderators) or companies (eg EA or Envision) that are not backed up with evidence.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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