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Alternate Accounts

There is nothing more annoying when an alliance has as many a 100 alt accounts that they use like cattle to cheat in this game. Stop being so cowardly and use alts to hold POI's or block open areas like a shield. You are blocking spots for players that want to play this game instead of chronic cheating because you don't have the capability to play this game using your own alliance members. Stop cheating. EA ❤️❤️❤️❤️ up and start blocking IP addresses from one area from creating more than 2 accounts.


  • When a Alliance is limited to only 50
    HOW can it have 100alts :wink:
  • gamerdruid
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    Apart from not knowing for certain every time that it is an alt in an alliance and it not necessarily being intended as an exact number but a general indication of a high number, I think the OP was making the point that one alliance group of 50 was also controlling 100 (or a very high number) other accounts.

    However, the issue of alt accounts has been discussed many times and we've not seen any action on them. Abuse of them in particular ways led to some changes in the game a few years ago, but they're now 'allowed' although when I started playing they weren't but many used them and no action was taken.

    If the OP has evidence of abuse as described, he should a) tell us the world he's talking about and b) provide that evidence of abuse (similarity of account names etc) to show that they are linked.
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  • xxRutRowxx
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    I sent in a boatload of pictures but here's some. And my issue is not some alts being used. TTD in this case on Tib 42 I have seen having as many as 3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ alliances setup of single of double base accounts. (See pic's) It has not been complained about enough in my opinion. And because they are doing it excessively everyone has to play like them because they are setting the ground rules. There are ways of blocking them so that the accounts cannot be created and joined to another alliance for movement such as don't allow an account with one base to be subbed period. Do not allow accounts with one base past level 20 area. Do not allow 2 or 3 base accounts past level 30 area. Make them play the account if they want to use it.

    Alliance made up of alts.

    A 2nd alliance made up of alts.

    Examples of where TTD has used. 10+ alts in one area to block and secure POIs by killing alts.




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