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mouse issue(s) can't select units,can't build some units,can't drag a box to parts of the screen.

any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I've got the C&C collection from Origin, and I've been having great fun with the game, but recently I've had a problem with a "dead zone" near the middle of my screen. On most of the screen, the mouse/cursor works normally: I can select units,I can chose buildings, i can deploy a construction yard or artillery,etc., it all works as it should. Then there's this dead zone in my screen: the mouse pointer/cursor still appears, but it isn't the green arrow anymore: it's the white "Window's" cursor, and while I can move it around, it won't select anything on the screen under it.
Any ideas as to what's going on? *important information*: I am not familiar with computers in general, so a simple solution would be best.


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