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Download ps3

Hey guys. I might be missing something very silly but downloaded Command and conquer on the ps3 but can’t seem to play the Nod missions and states at the start when I load it’s the GDI disk.


  • gamerdruid
    3572 posts Moderator
    Which particular C&C did you download?
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  • bluflam1ngo
    2 posts New member
    1st one.
  • bluflam1ngo
    2 posts New member
    Any help please as it’s still an issue.
    Again I might be missing something simple but can’t figure it out.
    Thanks in advance.
  • FaLcOn9X
    24 posts Member
    if only "1 disc" downloaded. The Gdi disk should still let u play first 1-3 missions from nod and visa versa what is a PS3 it is like a game boy? it likely require 2 downloads or to two separate SD cards
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