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TA Nuclear Option For Developers

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The game needs a curveball. I propose creating a nuclear option.

The damage
  • The nuclear blast zone has a radius of 20 from the center of the blast.
  • All Alliance bases within that blast radius die.
  • An alliance that gets nuked cannot respawn for 48 hours.

The side effect
  • The alliance that initiates a nuclear attack loses all POI bonuses for 48 hours and 50% reduced POI bonuses for 1 week.
  • An alliance can only use the nuclear option once per server. This applies to all players in the alliance at the time of the nuclear attack.
  • If a player that has participated in a nuclear attack joins another alliance, the alliance will not be allowed to have launch a nuclear attack until that player leaves.
  • An alliance can only get nuked once per server.

The result:
The nuclear option will provide players and alliances an additional mechanism to consider when forming a strategy for server.


  • gamerdruid
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    edited May 2020
    Maybe add, only the CiC can launch a NA, plus if more than one CiC no attack can be launched - they must be the sole CiC. Once launched, the CiC can't promote anyone or exercise other CiC functions for 1 week (7 x 24h). Similarly, SiC's and others can't be promoted to CiC for the same period. SiC's powers are reduced to that of officer and 'custom' settings aren't applicable (so officers can't be given SiC or CiC powers prior to an attack to get around the freezing of powers. Players can be kicked or invited by Officers by default, but they can't kick players of equal or higher ranks or promote beyond Veteran as per default settings.

    I don't know how easy or difficult any of these suggestions will be to code, but given past history it is unlikely they'll be implemented (mine or those in the original post).
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • dude even if something random like crate pack give u a scudd missile that u could launch across the map to kill a base/ a player then done so could lead to given side effects... or along with the first nuke suggestion have it be a final act that after doing you get erased from that world completely, the longer u have played it the bigger your bomb
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