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A New C&C Fantastic Game

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Good day..
I have a suggestion to you...

From 2007 to 2018 I have been playing all virgins of C&C games, It was my first strategy game and I was with a group of players who were obsessed with this game.
Is it possible to develop this game or make a new game like it that supports windows 10 X64?

Thank you for these games and I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.


  • boofheadten
    8 posts New member
    They are doing reboots of two of the old games with updated engines for newer systems and have a page about them somehwere
  • gamerdruid
    3879 posts Moderator
    I'm sure it is 'possible' but it is highly unlikely that new x64 versions will be made. The original development teams have long since disbanded after their companies were bought out by EA and the coding, whilst amazing at the time would need to be completely redone. I don't think that it is going to happen!
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