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Should we learn from the Modding community to improve game development?

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I've played vanilla Red Alert 3 and loved it, however the modding community has been giving some impressive ideas that could help improve the future games. For example the mod Shock Therapy helped improve the game experience, made the sleeper ambush act like the intro movie, added some units like the uprising units, Tesla Tank, Greater King Oni/Emperor Oni, they even added the Chrono Tank. (I still wanted the prism tank but they stopped updating it a while ago.)

The Chinese modders added their own Dynasty/Imperial faction with a new interesting way to play the game. Eastern Loong and Corona* mod are the main examples of how to make a great faction. The Eastern Loong mod adds a completely diverse array of weapons and new animation effects with fire and many other abilities. The Corona mod improved the anti air system with a not overpowered anti missile system upgrade that can be purchased by your science buildings and are adding new unique units to the other factions while adding their own faction into the mix. They are bringing back the sub faction idea for each nation. Personally I hate sub factions because they make you focus on one play style and once you get used to it sometimes that's the only way you play that faction as the sub faction only. I prefer what Red Alert 3 did and made it one big faction to play as. But these mods can teach us how to improve gaming experiences.
(*Ironically knowing what is happening presently)

Due to Red Alert 3's limitations on what can and can't** be added to the game, at least make any future versions/remakes/updates or sequels learn from the communities that support them. Doing so extends any game's playtime more. Generals, Red Alert, Tiberium still have active mod fan bases, it would be beneficial to learn from the popular mods to see where we can improve future additions of games. Maybe look back at the old games to get ideas as well, not just the mods. For example, the destruction of buildings leaving ruins and hazards like they did in generals and other titles should be something to look forward to when fighting in a major city, it adds to the atmosphere and makes it more fun. Fighting in a forest with flame weaponry should cause and inferno of a forest fire, which can damage someone's base/kill infantry/damage vehicles. Civilians reintroduced would add to the realism of warfare, even if it's in a somewhat cartoonish style. It can add so much to the feeling of sense of destruction that people love in warfare games. Immortal ghost buildings and destruction that disappears kinda ruins that kind of fun.

Another example to improve gameplay would be to introducing a secondary economy for late game Empire commanders. Empire units like the giga fortresses drain money more than you can compensate for with ore, and the capturable tech structures get blown up and can't be replaced, sure the robotic assembly helps build time go faster, but training units just drains the money faster. Unless we could use engineers to enter the Nano-tech mainframe and use it as a tech support building generating funds, similar to that of the Chinese internet center with their hackers in generals zero hour. In late game the empire can easily be crushed without monetary aid. The Soviets have Cash Bounties to get their money, Allies have free trade to get their money, the Empire just stagnates financially speaking.

(**can't: add music, add more than 1 faction, custom faction UI/hud, etc...)
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