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Stop base movement exploit

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1) Right now, a player can have a base destroyed 3 times, and then immediately lose the penalty by relocating.

Please stop this exploit and only allow relocation after base recovery period is over.

2) Also, it makes no sense that a player base can respawn and kill a forgotten base, after being destroyed. Please disallow a player base in recovery from attacking forgotten bases.

3) Lastly, please revert changes to forgotten base respawn rate. Changing it allows for losers to exploit the system even more


  • Soixie
    515 posts Member
    Known problem for years, but not being addressed by the devs.
  • jbl3ck
    79 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    So... More penalty for the ones you kill?
    There's already great losses for killed bases... If anything, the attacker should lose alliance bonus for 1 week if involved in a "not allowed" fight, or if using overpowered units (this last one can bring some trolls back to life though).

    You being "annoyed" by some player most likely means you did sumthin' to him or his mates... deal with it... don't be a ****!
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