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Why is the simulation incorrect?

This is really starting to get on my nerves, time and time again i sim a base and it says TOTAL VICTORY but it isn't, it leaves the CY at a low %, this is causing issues because it's costing extra CP &RT to actually kill the base! i'm sure many have this problem and it's happened to me many times, what are you going to do about it?

From all the times this has happened it probably works out to about 1000 CP & about 2 or 3 days RT it has cost, this is not good enough as we spend money here and if you have only CP for your last hit on a base then you hit it and it leaves the CY still burning then you either lose the base because someone else kills it or you have to wait for more CP to regenerate

Sort this out please and also some CT & RT packages should be given to all players to compensate this error!



  • is it a world with morale ? if so update you sim if u use the native sim try a different one .if you wait to long the health increase causes differences when in doubt i hit refresh on the sim 5-10 times before launching
  • gamerdruid
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    The accuracy of third party sims is never certain. The in-game one should be accurate however it has always been the case that a sim is an indication of outcome only. Sometimes, if you sim the same base with the same attack configuration you get different results. I can't remember the explanation given at the time this was last discussed a long time ago, but there was one.
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  • As indicated above, simulating attacks always only considers the status of the base from that very moment. In some cases, the regeneration from one moment to another can change the outcome because of just that one unit having a sliver of health gained, thus changing the course of battle.

    In some cases I noticed the opposite. A simulation on a nearly destroyed base would result not in a destruction, a moment later, it will. Because of how the course of the battle changes. Odd for sure but not a bug.
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  • thanks but this needs to be made clear really as it does'nt say 'approx sim' so its taken as the actual sim, not everyone knows this and it is a problem, iv'e even watched the sim prior to the attack and it kills the base then when pressed it does not kill, if there is something for a more accurate sim or a script could you post the link please
  • EE_Elephterion
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    I doubt there is a more accurate sim. How would the simulator know how far in the future you would like to attack and what the status of your army will be. Best bet would be to attack right after a successful sim. That's the only way I see to reduce the chance of errors.
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  • This is only an issue with worlds with that stupid morale reduction ****.
    Sim a base without that morale reduction in play and you will get a perfect 100% accurate Sim.
    Sim a base with morale reduction and the Sim will vary wildly.

    Obviously what has been said about the base regeneration also applies, but if there is no morale reduction, the Sim will give you a perfectly accurate result for a run launched at the exact moment you simulated. Every second you spend simming again, the base will regenerate and the results will change but that is expected.

    I think the morale reduction is a percentage and is randomly generated on each attack run. So everytime you simulate a random number somewhere in the range of the stated value is applied to your units.
    Or maybe it's generated for each unit in your attack or each forgotten unit? That seems too complicated though.

    Either way I hate morale reduction.
    Thank you for listening to my rant :p
  • i think the morale on wrath 25 is just crazy, its a slow painful grind of a server, also the morale is higher there than any server i have seen before and the layouts are shocking, was this how it is meant to be?

    also i appreciate the replies

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