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Firestorm 11 Impasse.

As you may recall , it's one of those NOD vs GDI servers. Was just wondering if there's any chance that the settings could be changed to make it a normal server.
We've done so many NOD forts but it's reached the stage now where it looks increasingly unlikely that the fort will ever get shot again, what with warring factions etcetcetc.
If it were possible to do this, it might enable us to make some progress with the server which has been stalemated for many many months now.
If we were able to invite some GDI guys, then we could surely get the fort done again, but as things stand, I severely doubt it will ever happen again. We, as Nod have won the server, hands down, and spent a lot of time and effort so are loth to just give up our stranglehold on the server, but we would like to help.
I realise this is a shot in the dark but it's worth a try!


  • HempyX
    1 posts New member
    I second that vote. We want to help some hard working players on the server to badge but GDI has been crushed so many times that they cannot do it without us. Let us be on same alliance as GDI or NOD please.
  • @EE_Elephterion I know it's unlikely but it seems possible. A reply would be nice, at least.
  • EE_Elephterion
    1893 posts Envision Developer
    I'm afraid we cant change the server rules after the launch. I'm sure you can coordignate with a GDI alliance in some way to help them to victory if you want to :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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