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Blocking Players from Mailing

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You should enable the function for players to block other players who are consistently being toxic and spamming in their mailbox. The player in question isn't in the same faction as me, so that's not part of the issue. They just happen to have a thread so they keep going back and forth, this has been a problem for years at this point.


  • DoG
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    Faction/Alliance/Clan, whatever you'd want to call it.
  • gamerdruid
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    edited May 2020
    Have you used the feature of 'ignore player'? - this is supposed to block out mail from them as well as chat. This was introduced in 19.5 in December.
    'Mail counter should now filter out mails from ignored players properly'

    I'm not sure if it will help if other people are replying and including you in the reply list - give it a try!
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