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Total loot per base

Hello my friends from Tiberium Alliances,

I need your feedback on this topic:
There is a perception from a lot of players that if you attack a base and take out (kill) the base slowly (all defense and buildings), at the end you will get more loot that if you kill the base very quickly.

So my question is: Assuming is only 1 player who is attacking the base, will that player get the same loot if he kill the base in 1 attack or 20 attacks?




  • Soixie
    576 posts Member
    Test it and find out, let us know your results. Loot works differently on every world so you might be busy.

    At the end of the day, players are to farm outposts and camps if they want resources and not player bases.
  • chertosha
    147 posts Member
    if you kill the base in multiple attacks, many of the units you kill multiple times, so that is the extent to which you get more loot,
    also, buildings repair over time, so killing them multiple times gives extra resources
    think of what if you kill everything but leave 1% on the CY, then let the base fully repair, and then kill it again, you get twice the amount of resources
    but is that a productive use of ammunition? i don't think so
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