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Is it possible to have lvl80 level units on old worlds?



  • gamerdruid
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    They have created many 'one off' solutions to problems or ideas, but few reach the real worlds. What is in the development manual is only known to Envision staff and EA management and is unlikely to be shared with others. It seems that many on here seem to know what goes on behind the scenes and what drives the development (or lack of) for the game. I doubt they do, but they project their thoughts as if they have inside information.

    Let's get back to the title of this thread: Is it possible to have level 80 units on an old world? The answer has been proven and demonstrated to be in the affirmative. However, the real question is, "Is it desirable for level 80 (or other than level 65) units on an old world?" Desirable for some players, yes. Desirable (ie profitable) for EA and Envision? I don't know, but given that it hasn't happened widely I would guess the answer is no!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • born2do
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    Good day commanders,

    Would be a great implementation adding higher level armies and defenses. Hitting fortress became like walking thru small camps :smiley:
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