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Are GDI Commandos Worth//How to Use GDI Commandos

Does anyone have any experience and opinion on the value of GDI commandos and their worth versus other units?

They cost 10 points. Are they better than taking zone troopers? What makes them different than any other infantry unit such as offensive missile squads. Can they "sneak through to destroy an enemy base" (See below).

According to Tiberium Alliances fandom: "The Commando is a GDI offensive anti-structure specialist in Tiberium Alliances. The Commando can withstand a significant amount of firepower, while at the same time, he is capable of quickly eliminating infantry-based defenses and can sneak through to destroy an enemy base."


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  • jbl3ck
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    well... the commando is anti structure... use it for that only and not as anti infantry because u'll lose a lot of rt for almost nothin'.

    protect it and usually send it on the last wave of attack.
    he likes the taxi :tongue:
  • One thing to point out is that commandos are also anti-vehicle, though a lot weaker compared to snipers in terms of damage. I guess they can easily handle rocket-fists and missile squads.
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