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Zone Trooper glitch

Remember when people put missle guys in Venoms on NOD and used them to fly all the way to the back of a base to disable CCs?

Well this is the first time I've seen a Zone Trooper in a Paladin used to achieve the same result.

The missle guy glitch was disabled so I am assuming the same would be done for GDI?


Truth be told I wish you had left the missle guy glitch and this was the way to even it out ;)


  • gamerdruid
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    In that particular attack you can see what has happened. Once the Paladin has passed the defence, there is no place for the trooper to land, so he/she doesn't.

    I wouldn't describe it a glitch in this particular case. If the trooper had been able to land at any point and then didn't, that would have been a glitch.
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  • The missle guy NOD glitch was the same reason (if you did it right with nowhere to land) but it was nerfed once it was pointed out - except now this turns a zone trooper into a unit like a NOD venom that hits everything in its path but that's OK?

    Again, I was fine with the missle guy glitch but in the sake of fairness it would seem both factions should have a thing like that to use or both dont get that PVP advantage in their bag of tricks.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    After reviewing the footage again, this is not a glitch.
    The same behavior would be observed with NOD Rocket Squads in regards with the inability to land and attacking. In fact, all aerial dismounts will behave like that when there is no sufficient space to touch ground.
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  • maybe he is thinking of the changes from the nod infantry squad in the same situation it did weird stuff a few changes came from it . i still have the videos from before and after lol
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