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I'm pleased to introduce AwSim, a new toy to the CnCTA community. It is a script but it is not a browser script but a Windows script. It has been two years in the making and I am confident it is as bug-free as can be. Runs under Win 10 for sure.

Oh, what does it do? Not much, really. It moves units around the formation grid. I would classify it as a labor-saving software device. If you have CTS or arthritis it will be a godsend.

It doesn't use any server data and in fact is not actually a network app, though it would be useless without a game tab open. It would also be useless without TABS V2, so be sure you have that. dl it to any dir where Controlled Access is not enabled. You can dl it from https://discord.gg/Gfu9wHc

If you like it, pass the word around. This is version 1 (2020.07.04)



  • gamerdruid
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    What makes this different from the sims (including the built in one) that are already available? The technical differences are the important ones, the visual and operating ones are.
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  • crackfed
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    Well, this isn't a simulator which processes and presents the data. It's more of a bot which moves units about guided by an algorithm. The simulator, TABS V2 for example, caches the best sims and when a better one is found saves it. It's a step by step process I would liken to reversing entropy. There is no user interface while AwSim is operating. And there is no direct communication with the game server.
  • gamerdruid
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    So it selects the best attack layout from a series of sims?
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  • crackfed
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    Not exactly, no. That job is done by the simulator script, TABS V2, which is one of the few that feature caching of sims.

    AwSim simply invokes TABS' refresh function which recalls the one TABS decided was most optimal. The next time AwSim swaps some units about, if one permutation is determined by TABS to surpass the previous best, then it gets moved to the highest place in the cache for that particular structure target.

    AwSim possesses no awareness of the outcome of any swap; that is all handled by TABS V2. In fact, AwSim cannot differentiate a good sim from a poor one, nor a Mammoth from a Commando, or even an empty space.

    If you think of how entropy operates, by one random action of disorganization at a time, and then reverse that, you will have a sense of what AwSim actually does.
  • jbl3ck
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    so... this is an attack formation helper / rt saver... only thing required is a proper army :smile:

    could u please just share the dl link only and not the invite to the org y / church / whatever da u want to call it that the current link leads to?

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  • crackfed
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    That link leads to one thing and that is the is the Discord AwSim server/file repository. The files are under 'download-this'. You can login without authentication.
  • The post about AwSim in the German forum stimulated some outcries that called for a response. Anyone with similar feelings here might find this enlightening.

    The author responds:

    The first thing to understand is that AwSim does nothing that any individual cannot do. And in fact it does very much less than what any individual can do, and it does it more slowly. It does not take data from the game server. It does not attempt to guess at which swap will result in a better formation. It does not launch attacks. In fact, it does not know the difference between an Avatar and a Zone Trooper, or even an empty space in the formation grid. The true effectiveness of AwSim resides in TABS V2 for the caching and refresh capability it provides. AwSim takes no action which changes the current status of the game.

    The power of AwSim rests in the algorithm that guides it. Here is an excerpt from the FAQ:

    FAQ: I don't use Windows. Am I left out?

    Answer: Maybe, but maybe not. Just because you can't run AwSim on your system doesn't mean you can't get the same results of lower RT and more one- shot kills. All you have to know is how the AwSim Engine works and you can reproduce it yourself manually. In fact, you can probably get better results since you are not limited by the fixed timing as AwSim is.

    FAQ: Cool. How do I do it?

    Answer: The algorithm AwSim uses is extremely simple to learn and has proven to be highly effective. To use it manually will still require having a TABS V2 based simulator script to handle the caching and refresh. It works like this: Pick any 3 units at random, A, B and C. Then, from these 3 pick one at random, call it A. The only unit you need to move is A. Move A to B, then to C, then back to A, then B again, then C again. That makes 5 swaps. If one of those is better than the previous best it will be placed at the top of TABS V2 cache. Hit refresh for the column of the target building you prefer and it will be made the current formation. Repeat that process and over time your formation will get better and better.

    I know for a fact that a large number of players are of what you might call the older generation. One of the facts of being in this group is the tendency to have decreased manual dexterity due to ailments such as arthritis and CTS. CnCTA is known as a strategy game, but for the purpose of simulation being able to use a pointing device rapidly over an extended period is definitely a plus. If anything, AwSim evens the playing field for these players. You may not gain any benefit from it now, but one day you may be thankful it exists.

  • A new version of AwSim (2020.08.21) is available with improvements and additions:

    Added De-act Engine (disables units to reduce RT)
    Added World Distance Calculator
    Added Defense Upgrades
    Improved Menu and Help visually

    dl from https://discord.gg/Gfu9wHc

    First time users need the zip file; otherwise, just replace the bat file.

    Report your results and feedback here.
  • AwSim 4 CnCTA v. 2021.02.20 is now available.

    Not that it really needed an update since NO bugs were reported, but a few enhancements have been made, mainly to the setup routine to make it cleaner and clearer. 8 months with NO bugs reported shows it's sturdy.

    Although AwSim is still just for Windows, if you use a Mac or something else you don't have to be left out. The perfect solution, which anyone can apply, is to make use of an old PC or laptop that runs Windows and dedicate it to running CnCTA and AwSim. This has the advantage of letting you sim while freeing your main machine for other things. Plus, it keeps your session open all the time which is useful for obvious reasons. Personally, I use AnyDesk to control the session remotely and it works great.

    AwSim will not impress you like the modern software you are used to. It is purely utilitarian. But don't let that deceive you into believing it's not powerful. It will save you RT and find one-shot kills you you might not have believed possible.

    Just try it and give it a minute to get used to it. It will make your game-playing experience a helluva lot more satisfying.

    Available at https://discord.gg/Gfu9wHc ... As always, no signup, no spam, no scam. No ****!

  • Is there any readme or anything on how to set up? I just see a folder of exe files..
  • The instructions appear when you launch AwSim.bat. Technically, there is no installation, only setup. Settings are stored in AwSim.ini. Deleting that file will force a new setup.
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    All I'm getting is invalid invite. Am I missing something
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    Now getting unable to accept invite
  • Tullysama
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    Is there a chance that the link has expired? I'm getting the same thing - unable to accept invite
  • Tullysama
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    all good. Got in now
  • Still no bugs reported! (Yes, the link https://discord.gg/Gfu9wHc works as it should.) However, one thing not terribly well covered is the differences in Engines and how to apply them most effectively. An Engine is simply the term for an algorithm describing how moves will be made. The six included Engines are:

    AwSim - chooses 3 random boxes and permutes their contents to find up to 5 new formations. Operates in a Range specified by left and right flank columns. This is the workhorse that can be set to a specific Range, including all 9 columns.

    Sweep - chooses 1 random box and moves contents in a line vertically or horizontally. It is hard to say if the results it gives will be much different than AwSim's.

    Decoy - chooses 1 random box inside Range and moves contents to a random box outside the Range. Very useful at the point when simming a specific Range does not seem to be producing improved results.

    Tweek - adjusts rows by shifting them left and right by 1 and 2 columns. Of questionable usefulness but can sometimes improve results.

    Scout - shifts the entire formation through all 9 columns forward and mirrored. Normally used first to find a starting position. Afterwards, AwSim is launched and will default to column Range 1-9 if there is no mouse movement.

    Deact - sequentially and cyclically deactivates units one by one within Range. This can save considerable RT but it may require several passes.

    Besides setting a Range, boxes can chosen selectively. This is the more tedious way to specify boxes but can be more efficient when units are spread about the boxgrid.

  • crackfed
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    Eine deutschsprachige Version von AwSim ist jetzt verfügbar.

    Alle Beschwerden sollten an Google Translate gehen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass sie es tun werden
    Gerne erstatten Sie das gesamte Geld zurück, das Sie für AwSim bezahlt haben (nichts!)

    A German language version of AwSim is now available.

    All complaints should go to Google Translate. I'm sure they'll
    be happy to refund all the money you paid for AwSim (nothing!)


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