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Position of Interest or POI's

The POI's have too much dominance in the game now. look at firestorm 14 as an example
it's getting so bad, not only is it an incentive to leave the server but to leave the game. the top team is making 54mil tib per base, the second team 26mil tib per base, the others a few mil or a few hundred thousand.
The higher POI holders get such an an advantage they go and control the POIs in the other sectors making it worse. When a higher level player drops into your sector who can take out your entire alliance....what's the point? also, bring back simming on your alliance members so we can try out different defenses, that was fun. The best game is where you have teams equal and it comes down to PvP. PvP where the other team is twenty levels higher is not PvP :-) it would be nice if you can find a way to stop everyone agreeing to be on one side to badge. good luck with that. here's an idea, stop having the ability to leave alliances, once you join you stay until alliance disbanded will make things interesting, possibility of spreading good players out a bit (have option that every active player in last two days can vote and disband alliance) as a safety feature. it's a great game but tired when same pattern repeating on every server.
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