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Thanks EA

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Thanks EA

I can finally stop playing this game, it's been like a drug.

I have bought Funds via Argentina like everyone else.

Now with new homepage that is gone.

With vpn I see Brasil have 25 US Dollars for 60k Funds.

No hell I spend 25 USD for a web browsers game, are you insane?

Thanks for the time.



  • 3N3R9I3
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    thx EA
  • Me too. After expends the funds i have in my wallet i say goodbye.
    No idea what you are asking...should be find a new war game on line in the internet.

    Thanks EA, Use the funds for your benefit...
    If you can

    Mario from Argentina

    Yo tambien, Despues de gastar los funds que tengo en mi billetera dire adios para siempre.
    Es una pena por que que juego me gusta y me distrae..Pero no voy a pagar la barbaridad que estan pidiendo. Saludos. Muchachos
    Usen los funds si es que pueden en algo util

    Bye Bye
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