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How might I add the RA1 supply truck to Tiberium Dawn

I'd like to add the RA1 supply truck to the units menu on the tiberium dawn side of the CnC TDRA Map Editor as a critical unit for a few single player missions.
If I need to use a unit editor does anybody have any suggestions for one that's easy to work with in spare time?


  • You, uh, can't just swap units between games... that just doesn't work. And there's no easy "unit editors" for C&C1 either.

    Is this on the Remaster or on the normal game?

    One thing you could consider is the Mobile HQ, though do keep in mind that, like all vehicles, it can be sold if the mission allows the player to own/build a repair bay.

    It is quite effective as critical unit, though: when it dies, everything you own automatically dies with it :)
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