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Support weapon rule change



  • since this change i have seen a drop off of players on some worlds where wars had been going on, it seems to be a biassed change. and has affected the game play quite a lot in a war situation and not for the good.

    this is ment to be a war game and a surprise attack is a great part of any war situation and being able to protect such a base/ acct doing this is now totally lost and to me the game is suffering now more than ever.
    i started playing when W63 was still quite new, so i have seen the changes in the game over the last few years and understood the reasons for past changes to the game , but with this change i am a bit stumped

    could someone please explain the reasons for the change to the support wpns and how it is ment to improve the game or why it was done , as most of us here still are in the dark as to the purpose of this change and what problem/ issue it was ment to solve.

    a proper and good explanation is in order please

    cheers HH
  • Soixie
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    a proper and good explanation is in order please

    cheers HH

    @EE_Elephterion fully explained it in this very thread;

    This is indeed a bug, we are looking at it right away.

    Right now there are no plans for changes to this feature.
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