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Two ideas for little bit more fresh air in CNC

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I thought about what could bring some fresh air to CNC. And I have 1 smaller, and 1 bigger idea.

1. (Smaller idea, no idea how hard to implement).
-New technology: Change one ressource tile of a base.
-limited to once per base.
-Costs: ~15%-25% of the next base to research (so it gets more expensive with each base)

With this alot more layouts would be "good" layouts.
The costs are not cheap, so its always a give and take between getting faster to next base, or making the current one better (very valuable for offence layouts).

2. (Big idea, and probably hard to implement).
-Alliance tech tree.
-The whole alliance has its own research tree.
-How the research points get created is to be discussed. Multiple options, one would be the alliance can decide to leech between 0-20% of every members gained research points.
-Those gathered research points can be used to spent on a techtree.
-Notes in this tree could be very interesting things like:
-#% Faster recovery of base movement
-#% more bonus of POI A,B,C
-+1 attack range
-+1 to move range
-#% less likely to be attacked by forgotten
-Ofc the more powerful ones should be further down the tree.
This could lead to different ideas how to play the alliance, and more variaty in tactics


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