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Wow, 600M ahead on Tib 42 and Hunters still locking bases so they can't be attacked.

1 posts New member
Pretty sad Hunters https://imgur.com/QQaNYyW Too bad EA won't block alt's from the center.


  • jbl3ck
    66 posts Member
    Yours is the sad part and the only thing u'll be able to accomplish is to delay things for all at this point.
    I bet they're enjoying your messages...
  • pcshost
    1 posts New member
    And a new day and a new attack and hunters are cheating again. Man oh man. No shame.

  • Soixie
    457 posts Member
    I'm having trouble seeing what you believe is cheating precisely. There is nothing wrong from any of these pictures.
  • Lol. Kids.
    Everything that is not prohibited by the game is allowed. Pre-hitting to calibrate SW is not prohibited. It depends on how you can use the mechanic of this game. Looks like you hadn't played against mara on wcs when they blocked all hubs. Exactly blocked, not using pre-hit to calibrate SW.
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