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PTE Reset 22nd July 2020

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Hello Tester,

after the last Fortress fell in record time at level 95, we are readying everything for the next iteration of the PTE for 20.3. For that we will wipe Public Test Environment and restart it around 08:00 UTC, on July 22nd 2020. The next PTE will be a max level 65 world again, with Morale but NO Forgotten Attacks. PTE command set as current, only the Move Cooldown Reset will be available.

As an adjustment we are increasing the RT crate dispensation slightly.
A big Thank You to all the testers who help us and reported during the last testing phase. We hope you all will assist us again and make the next Patch even better.
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  • Great news and great new testing features. This makes the game more interesting.
  • says june in the title
  • An unimportant question… why without forgotten attacks?
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  • PTE Reset 22nd June 2020 This is an obvious typo. I am sure that we are talking about July 22.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    Aye, fixed the title, July obv.
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  • What? Now? Arggghhhhh!!!
    Always testing something
  • any information about 20.3? can't find any
    what are we testing?
  • gamerdruid
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    As usual, they have not shared what they are testing - it could be 20.3 (but I doubt it is ready just yet) or it could be behind the scenes code.

    Sometimes they do a clean start so that when what they are testing is ready they can do it quickly. As this world is a level 65 world, my guess, (and it is a guess not from discussions that I have had) is that it is so they can test increasing limits on existing worlds - either very old worlds, or newer Tib/Wrath/Firestorm series worlds. Remember, it is my GUESS!
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  • EE_Elephterion
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    This is just the preparation step, more info on 20.3 when we are ready to roll out the first set of changes.
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  • What's the plan with the recent reset? Were there changes that would give way to 20.3? I feel somewhat annoyed that the world isn't a FA attacks world, even if it has to be a malus world at the same time. Also, why do all units and structures start with level 10? I couldn't make use of bait strategies cause they're level 10. I wanted to make use of a level 1 Militant Missile Squad and bait an entire army to the left or right...
  • This is just the preparation step, more info on 20.3 when we are ready to roll out the first set of changes.

    Tell us all please, at the moment when You finish the preparatory stage for the deployment of patch 20.3, the world will reset again? Does it make sense to sit and test it is not clear what in the current world, which does not differ from the usual almost nothing?
  • EE_Elephterion
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    We plan on continuing with the current moral/noFA setup. We will further test new features down the line of this iteration for 20.3, like increasing level caps of all sorts again. More on that once the changes are ready.

    Right now there might not be much to test in particular but that gives testers time to get set up for endgame if they want. Or you can wait till the first patch arrives on PTE, either is fine and should help us.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • We plan on continuing with the current moral/noFA setup.

    If only we can have the FA attacks as an optional status, like some players can use it if they want, but it becomes permanent once the player reaches level 35 or something. I would like to see where the forgotten gets picky and selects some bases to attack and others are left alone. On the PTE, I would want it enabled for me cause I want to find out what levels each individual unit appears in (the arsenal page is lacking some info on when each type of forgotten unit joins on the counter attacks). This would be like level 20 for Smokers and so on.
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