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CnCTA Script Issue - Cant See other player's defence and offence level

Your help please. I have made changes without saving my script.
I believe it is the script. I loaded a few weeks ago the CnCTA SoO Script pack on chrome, wind 10. I can send a copy of my script if you like.

I have 2 issues:

1. when I click on "Base info" i get the player's incoming an outgoing window. Great but when I click on the players name I used to get sight of accomplishments, number of bases, etc. I seem to be missing that main window displaying the other players vitals.
2. Also I have lost that same vitals in the CnCTA display screen pop up window. I get WAVY, which is fine but I have lost the portion of the information about that local team player, like offense and defense levels. I like this as it was easy to determine a players level, especially when you are attacking another player :)



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