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crackfed's Base Optimization Guide

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I think a lot of you will be able to learn something from this. If you read and follow these instructions your skill at base optimization will improve. This benefits the entire alliance, not just you. Forward this to anyone you like.

crackfed's Base Optimization Guide

Before you start remember this: when you click the move button and move a building you'll see the net loss or gain. As long as you don't hit the move button again until you are completely done those numbers will always be relative to what you started from. This is important because if you reset the move button you no longer know how the current arrangement compares to where you started. When you use CNCOPT the final numbers you get on your actual base should match.

Pick the base you want optimized.

Decide which is the Prime Resource for that base. Is it tib, cry, power or credits? For main attack bases it will always be power.

Ignoring the harvesters, move every building except ones that produce the PR out to the edge of the base. Leave those where they are. This gives you a clear view of the possibilities.

Now, with the following tips in mind, move those PR buildings around to see how production changes. Do this until you find a production increase or you conclude none is possible.


The more power plants an accumulator touches the more productive it will be.
The highest level accumulator should touch the greatest number of power plants.
The more cry fields a power plant touches the more productive it will be.
The highest level power plant should touch the greatest number of cry fields.


The more tib and cry fields a silo touches the more productive it will be.
The highest level silo should touch the greatest number of tib and cry fields.


The more tib fields and power plants a refinery touches the more productive it will be.
A refinery that touches two tib fields and one power plant will produce more than if it touches two power plants and one tib field.

When you have found the maximum production for the PR, decide which is the next priority resource and move only those buildings to open spots until you find the maximum production you can get.

And then do the same for the remaining resource.

What you may discover in the course of doing this is an over-abundance of a lesser resource, usually power. When this happens it can be an opportunity to increase the PR by selling unneeded buildings for more important ones.

After optimizing you can arrange the CY, offense and defense buildings to where they receive the best protection. Refineries provide better protection than other buildings of the same level.

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