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Morale -Tib 45

I understand the purpose of Morale but on Tib 45 it's working a little too well.
We have players dropping like flies because the length of time it is going to take the first alliance to reach the center probably at least a year or very close to it.

By comparison we have F14 where the top alliance was at center and starting fort prep in just a little over a month.

a base that is barely 5 lvls higher than my OL has a 21% morale penalty. And since the moral penalty affects camps and OP I attack as well it also impacts my growth tremendously. I should be able to attack something within 5 lvls of my OL without penalty. And the rate at which penalty increases is ridiculous.
lvl 34 base 8% next lvl up lvl 35 base .. 21%

I get it .. moral is to slow the worlds down so it's not played like a swarm of locust on a crop but you need to find a balance .. It shouldn't be this hard.


  • Agreed. The world level increase (with forgotten bases up to level 60) already makes the way to the center much longer. Such a harsh morale penalty makes it ridiculously painful and players are demotivated and quit...
  • jimpnh
    2 posts New member
    The forgotten base levels increase rapidly as you progress and the Morale penalty along with them. One level different in offence make it hard to work together and of course then there is the penalty for doing so.
  • ImFieldy
    1 posts New member
    well that's being diplomatic.

    You can add to that. Like other little niggley EA gouging tactics, like how scarce decent layouts are, and what about the HUGE level 61 FB near centre? - Server Tib 42 centre FB are 48.

    lets not forget that the team building fun of working together to take down FB has been taken away too with multi player resources diminished on shared kills.

    FA has added an interesting dimension that some players like but Malus is just plain ol greed.

    Whew, that feels better. I'll put the kettle on.
  • Agree, adjust the morale accordingly, the past few worlds have been way out of whack. While you're at it, why not restore the research points and credits for PvP. Also, can you make adjustments to the tunnel exits. maybe add an "impact" circle to show players not at that TE tier to steer clear. Most have the TE script but pay little attention to it.
  • I already quit Tiberium 45. That server doesn't make any sense. It's a waist of time with that ridiculous morale and penalty on the forgotten bases. The 1st alliance will take at least 1 year to reach the center and conquer the world and 2nd, 3rd, 4th? :) By the time the 1st and probably 2nd alliance are done nobody else will be in that server...
  • RScottP
    1 posts New member
    I agree with ImFieldy. I had never really looked at Center and was shocked to see bases above 60. It appears as though EA has tried everything possible to slow us down and cost us money. Layouts suck here and the fun is waning. Like many, I am considering giving up C&C after many years.
  • Lewdogg99
    3 posts New member
    Agree with all above, people are quitting left and right
  • I have a 2nd thought, let's all boycott all EA games for say the next 90 days, we can go hiking, camping, kayaking instead. If, after 90 days, EA is still as screwed up as they are today, we boycott for another 90 days.
  • I have been playing this game for a very very very long time. I have never been reaching my cash to acquire bases in such an efficient manner but yet my RP is so far behind that I wait a couple weeks before being able to land my new base. Case in point I am now ready to land my 6th but I am only at 350M RP and need $400M more.
  • A base with offense level 33 with +100% attack bonus has a 45% attack penalty when attacking a forgotten level 40 base. This is a stupidly excessive penalty. Stupidly excessive !!
  • I also agree with all the above comments and I have spent several thousand dollars on this game .The cost must go down or you will loose alot more players
  • E.A need to revisit the "glory days" when people actually enjoyed the idea of teamwork and in fact helped to recruit new players to the game. This helped E.A. get more income and it was a "win-win" situation. Now with the continually growing nerfs we have to endure, the fun is pretty much gone, and without the chat banter, is pointless. Have a look back where the bases were no larger than 50 but camps went to 60 if players were enough threat with size, to spawn them..people helped newer players to strategise, now it's a lesson in farmville. Think of the long term E.A. you screwed it royally at least once, now you've dont it again.Get the morale adjusted and keep it damned well adjusted.
  • peterb44
    1 posts New member
    Agree with all the above. I am an average digger but hate just RP farming; want to help the front line and make a bit of a difference with my runs. On this World it's a complete waste of time unless you're at elite level of Base digging.I've spent more than enough funds on this World, no more. Am with a great team but getting no personal pleasure. Too hard to make a difference. Will not do a morale World again unless major changes happen. Your loss EA - money, enjoyment, reputation, diminishing number of players.
  • Crystogiga
    1 posts New member

    I can understand some of them. In our ally some players stopped because the world is too long for them.
    But in the end everyone knew what the world was like before they started.
    My tip for u guys: If you don't have the stamina for a morale world, don't start it..

    Because as I said, we knew beforehand what kind of world it is. And I can live with it well.

    But I generally agree.
    EA just shouldn't lower the penalty too much.

    Martin aka Crystogiga
    CIC King Mamba
  • Hello Ea, I also find the Malus very hard and demotivating. We won the world, but due to the high Malus we have to play for an extremely long time. Isn't there the possibility to reduce it a bit?
  • Hello Commanders,
    thank you for your feedback. We will take it into account for future worlds.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Hi EE. Is it possible for someone to just check The Malus % against the size of the world 400X400 vs a 800X800 world. The number of bases available for hitting at your paticular De-Buff are less on a 400x400 world vs a 800x800 world so advancement is notably slower on a 400x400 world for lack of available bases in that % Band, ( The Band will be slimmer on a 400x400 world). Thus **** growth and advancement.

    I have also played this game long enough that i remember ( I forget the world ) where the %Malus setting was a decimal point off, simple mistake for a world setting, it was corrected and the Malus world played as expected. I believe this world may be affected by both size and slight setting adjustment.

    We have played long enough to roughly expect the De-Buff ( Malus ) but this world is slightly off.
    Please EE if you can have someone look at it with consideration to world size. we are not getting the Game experience on similarly configured worlds as we are here.

    Thank you for your consideration to this issue.

  • chertosha
    152 posts Member
    edited August 2020
    I hate malus since my very first server and will not play a regular classic server ever again.
    However, those who started this particular server had all the information necessary to know that this will take a year and will be boring a$f. Stop whining - you knew what you signed up to.
    When you see another server like that just make the decision not to play it, and if nobody plays classic, EE will not start any classics.
  • No> @chertosha said:
    > I hate malus since my very first server and will not play a regular classic server ever again.
    > However, those who started this particular server had all the information necessary to know that this will take a year and will be boring a$f. Stop whining - you knew what you signed up to.
    > When you see another server like that just make the decision not to play it, and if nobody plays classic, EE will not start any classics.

    Yes we knew it would be a world with malus .. slow the game play a bit but when I've got malus when a base is only 4 lvls above my OL there's got to be something wrong .. if it's 9 lvls above my OL the malus is almsot 100% .. there is something wrong with the settings on this world ..

    all we are asking is for someone in DEV to take a look at it.
    On another world I play similar size and with the same settings I don't have the same % penalty.
  • chertosha
    152 posts Member
    edited August 2020
    there are two malus modes,
    1. "classic" at starting at +4 from offense and adding 20% on each extra level
    2. for worlds with FA and morale (like wcs 2017), morale is usually +7 and similarly adding 20% on each extra level
    you got a classic server and that is how morale is supposed to work

    you can check this with this command in java command line
    if ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_Server().get_CombatUseMoral() returns true
    gives 0 for morale +4 and gives 1 for morale +7

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