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  • Some of the answers are ridiculous, I know very well what type of server I got into and accepted it knowing that it would be long and expensive. What they are leaving aside is that with the increase in the price of funds, the purchase of long-term packages becomes unviable. If I start a server and I know that the first place comes in 3 months it is fine, if it ends in 1 year it will be long but if I accept it it is fine, in fact I play on servers where I am still active for 5 years. But playing long cannot expect you to spend the same money as if you played 4 servers at the same time. When they put that the T45 server came with morality and without forgotten attacks, they forgot to mention that in the middle of the game they would increase the price of funds 400% !!!!!, that is ridiculously exaggerated for those of us who live in Argentina and going through a pandemic where the entire world's economy is in decline.
    Solve this because when new worlds open, I will not re-enter whether or not they have morals with or without forgotten attacks, with funds impossible to buy.
  • MadDogQSH
    1 posts New member
    Dear EA controllers,
    reference World 45 – you have set up the parameters badly and need to redress them if you want people to continue spending money playing it.

    Problems - the poi bonus limitation, this would be ok if the malus penalty and funding costs were lowered proportionately, and it looks like a hike in base levels near the centre will only make matters worse.

    I don't know if you sometimes generate parameters randomly? but this combination does not work from an enjoyment perspective and needs to be revised, so that we can all continue playing and giving you money.

    Hopefully you can review it and get some adjustments rolled out in the next maintenance period as currently it is ruining the gaming experience for us on this world, and we are (at the end of the day) your customers.

    We await your response, regards
  • Why are people who aren't even on this world commenting? You say we had all the information bout the server when we did NOT. The announcement did NOT include the higher base lvl data.

    I thought I was joining a regular classic Moral world, with bases max lvl 41 .. so unless you are playing this world and know what is ACTUALLY going on shut the [email protected]%& up.
  • slip412
    1 posts New member
    esta ficando dificil continuar nesse mundo. e os funds muito caro. vai ser meu ultimo servidor. nao da mais
  • lol @CoffeeGoddess nice comment ;-)

    Ok i also don't play world 45 but have played on other servers where game has been seen as "too difficult" then changed mid server it only favoured the leading alliances and actually handicapped everybody else. Best just to play it out or if you don't like it move to another. A change mid server ruins the server affected.

    Just a thought, do we actually want the same game each server? Or do we want a new puzzle? New challenges? Why does a server need to be wham bam done then on to next? Shouldn't there be some joy to unwrapping a new challenge? When difficult, it is difficult for everybody no need to ask for it to be changed to make it "normal" or "easy" best to win a "new" more "challenging" format furthermore it may even lead to new ideas and formats but lets play out a world without changing mid game. Even if a server lasts a long time no need to worry about cost only play with what you are happy to play with. It will all pretty much level out in the end.

    Whats the rush in badging? Take your time enjoy it, it's meant to be fun. It's not like you win anything more than an electronic medal that only you and other cnc players can see. Fun don't need to be expensive.
  • @one_cIown
    I like a nice leisurely game .. thats why I chose to play worlds with Morale and No FA .. but a YEAR for the first run through fort .. it's no longer fun and challenging at that point .. its farmville ..
    I had just quit a world with the higher lvl bases for this very reason .. and since there isn't another world opening up anytime soon that's not an FA world .. here I am spinning my wheels on Tib 45 because there are no other options.
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