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New Endgame

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This is a bold idea for the future of CnCTA (at least on FA worlds.) In brief, when an alliance conquers the Fort the badging members become the Forgotten. This means their bases are all destroyed and when (if) they respawn they do so as lvl 14 Forgotten bases placed near POI. They then have a different arsenal of weaponry. Their goal is to defend the Fort from being defeated again for as long as possible. Each time they are killed they respawn at 1 level higher near another POI. They are able to attack any non-Forgotten bases within range. Perhaps they can set up their defenses as they like or maybe they are preset. The first 56 bases to reach level 61 and are killed become a Guardian Base (maybe one per player max.) When the next alliance conquers the Fort, they and all previous badging players repeat the process. Players who manage to acquire Guardian Base status may receive a badge when the next alliance conquers the Fort showing the number of days they successfully defended it.

I know, I know, pipe dream.



  • gamerdruid
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    Probably technically difficult - but the best post-fortress idea I've seen on here so far in that it doesn't punish success in killing the fortress.
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  • There is a certain balance if you think about it. One goal would be to postpone the next Fort defeat for as long as possible which is an alliance goal, but at the same time they'd want to assure themselves of acquiring a Guardian Base, which is more an individual goal. I know it would be an effort to implement but the result would be something most players want: a new challenge and new weaponry.
  • Everything positive about that game had been destroyed: PVP, PVE, Balance, Funds and so on -> and you guys think about a new endgame for the remaining 100 players -> thats funny :o
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