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I have several players who have their games substitued to me as alliance commander. However recently one of them I can no longer access. I raised a case and it has been weeks and now I am being told to register the problem here.His bases are all but destroyed due to the lack of movement and I feel this is extremely unfair. I sent a screen shot of the message it gives me when I try to access it. Can anything be done?


  • gamerdruid
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    There are many reasons you may no longer be able to access the substitution, none of which can be resolved by action of anyone here. Only advice on actions you or the other person can take will be given.

    As you're a new member to posting in the forum, you can't post links. But, can you at least tell us the message you receive.

    Do you see the link on your substitution screen to click on to access the sub? How long has the player been on the world? How long has the substitution been in operation? (Note, the counting is of days since it was first accepted and can be out by a considerable amount if repeated send/cancel sub method is used).

    Finally, which world is this on?
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  • Okay world 34 the guy has been subbed fior 167 days. The message is a substitution violation pertaining to three messages,gcripas2ddhp.bmp. You can clearly see from this that he has not exceeded these rules. However all of his bases are now destroyed so I will not be able to relocate him or increase his upgrading.


  • Greetings commander,

    We will be looking at the world.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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