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Track Base Deaths

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On the PvP stats pages... please add a total count of deaths players have suffered.

We have noticed a trend among bottom feeders... they love to tout their PvP kills, which mostly consist of landing among and attacking a large group of offline/inactive players, usually players smaller than them (i.e. shooting fish in a bucket)... then rinsing and repeating in a different area.

Yet what that stat does not show, is that they have been chased and killed REPEATEDLY for those actions by other allies that are active. If you were to share the ratio of PvP kills to Player Deaths, their "PvP stats" would not be so high at all.

The game seems to cater to these kind of bottom feeding tactics and provides abilities that encourage them to remain a nuisance on a server (hit inactives/offline players , then run from actives, using bubbles and 40 space jumps to evade and find another patch of inactives/offline), all while claiming PvP superiority. Yet they have been killed so many more times, their PvP stats should suffer accordingly.
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    Times killed by PvP and times killed by Forgotten would be an interesting comparison alongside the existing PvE and PvP kills.
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